We all need an opportunity to stand back and look at the bigger picture, especially if we have others relying on us and we are under pressure to produce results.

I focus on the energy of identity that drives my client, enabling them to understand the best way to apply that to their business. This awareness, allows clients to leverage their best skills and those of others, to hit, the targets the success strategy dictates, more effectively.

I work at director level and have a special interest in supporting board chairs to better manage this very specific and challenging role.

I am also a trained mediator allowing me to successfully facilitate difficult conversations with individuals and teams when needed.

If you would like an opportunity to experience a thought, provoking conversation about your current challenge, give me a call.

‘The 6 months of coaching was a cathartic experience. It gave me an opportunity to understand more about me and my motivation rather than learning a lot of whizzy management techniques, which I then didn’t apply."
“I would strongly recommend Joella as an executive coach, since she has been very effective in helping me to dialogue and discover more effective ways of bringing out the best in my team”
William D Morrison
Chairman of Trinity Group Ltd
“Following the work I did with Joella, in 7 months I became a 40% shareholder in Complete Training Solutions. I feel settled, excited and completely content and I can't stress enough, the impact Joella had on my life”
Tom Powell
CEO Complete Training Solutions